Get to know the LGBT community

Know about lgbt

In recent years the initials LGBT have been used in large part because of the great accomplishments that members of the community have built together.

It is very likely that many of us have hundreds of straight friends who in one way or another have found ways to talk about us in respectful and appropriate terms.

This post we are going to go further and try to educate as much as possible about some areas of the LGBT community, including myths about anal porn and some taboo topics.

What does LGBT+ mean?

The acronym LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning, which are those with doubts about their sexuality.

Lesbian: A woman who has an emotional, romantic, and sexual attraction to other women.

Gay: A man or woman who has an emotional, romantic, and sexual attraction to another person of the same gender; some people only use the term in reference to men who have anal sex with other men.

Bisexual: A man or woman who has an emotional, romantic, and sexual attraction to people of both genders.

Transgender: A general term describing people whose mental sex or gender identity, the internal sense of being male or female, is different from the sex assigned by a doctor at birth.

Questioning: A person who may have doubts about his or her sexuality or gender identity. Some questioning people eventually consider themselves LGBT; others do not.

Anal porn in LBGT community

Most common sexual practices among gay men:

Despite stereotypes, there are no forms of sexual acts exclusive to same-sex sexual behavior that cannot be found in heterosexual behavior either, except, of course, those involving genital contact between same-sex couples.

There are certain positions that are more comfortable and therefore tend to be quite used practices:

Anal Sex: Consists of penetrating your partner through the anus, causing special pleasure in some men thanks to the constant rubbing with the prostate.

Non-penetrative sex: Not everything is anal sex, there are plenty of non-penetrative sexual practices to achieve orgasm successfully without penetration. An example of this is the well-known frottage.

Most important achievements of the LGBT community:

The LGBT community seek to achieve achievements and improvements for its members, but do you know which are the most important ones achieved so far?

Don’t worry, here we proudly leave them for you:

Equal Marriage

Now same-sex couples can celebrate marriages under the same conditions as heterosexual couples. Marriage conceived as a union between a man and a woman is a thing of the past.

Same rights

A historic ruling by the Constitutional Court opened the way for same-sex couples to enjoy the same property rights as heterosexual couples.

This means that if one of the members of the gay couple dies, the assets and capital gained by mutual support, work and help can be inherited by their permanent partner!

Valid adoption for homosexuals:

No homosexual person may be excluded from an adoption process, that is to say that, no member of the LGBTI population may be considered ineligible to undergo the adoption process.