Archbishop calls the LGBT movement a ‘rainbow plague’.

The Catholic Archbishop of Krakow has not gone to great lengths to indicate that the LGBT movement is impure.

The Catholic Archbishop of Krakow sent a salvo targeting the LGBT community.

He called the movement a “rainbow plague” that threatens “the souls, hearts and minds” of Poles.

He made this statement Thursday in a homily on the 75th anniversary of the Warsaw Uprising.

“The red plague (communism – Editor’s note) no longer runs on our land, but a new (plague) has appeared, a neo-marxist one, which wants to take over our souls, hearts and minds”.

“A plague that is not red but rainbow,” said the archbishop of the former Polish royal capital, quoted by several Polish media.

Poland is currently the scene of an offensive by conservative circles against what they call the “LGBT ideology” or “gender ideology” which, in their view, risks undermining the traditional model of the family and leading to the “sexualization” of children.

The climate of mistrust towards LGBT sexual minorities has increased significantly in Poland, a country considered very attached to its Catholic traditions, after in April, during the campaign for the European elections, the leader of the ruling conservatives Jaroslaw Kaczynski denounced the LGBT community, gender theory and recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) as a “threat to the Polish identity, nation and state”.

Several recent events have illustrated this phenomenon.

For example, about 30 territorial entities – villages, communes or a regional assembly – have declared themselves “free of LGBT ideology,” while a Gay Pride was attacked by groups of ultra-nationalists in July in Bialystok, in the northeast of the country.

LGBT organizations and leftist movements responded by holding rallies in support of the Bialystok marchers and denouncing the general passivity of the opposition parties, to which they proposed holding a round table on the rights of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people.

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